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As government organizations continue to deal with budget cuts, IT solutions can often save money while improving efficiencies and productivity. Automation of manual processes can deliver real results, quickly.

The automation of case management processes in the healthcare field is an example of this, as dealing with manual processes leads to many problems with visibility and control. Successes from the corporate world in this area translate easily to the government arena, particularly for large enterprise organizations where security, agility, and the ability to serve a significant constituent base are imperative. Keep reading →

Recently, there have been several articles about companies moving to cut back or somehow control email, including an item on NBC News. Organizations are beginning to rebel against email’s constant, increasing presence – and realizing that by itself, email isn’t a solution to most business challenges.

Yes, email is great for communication. But too many organizations also depend on email for collaboration – and email provides no visibility. And many organizations also depend on email for execution – and email provides to tracking, no control, no auditability. Keep reading →

As economic challenges remain across the board, and budget cutting becomes a reality, government organizations are particularly sensitive to implementing new IT programs at minimal cost, and delivering results as quickly as possible, to ensure projects get funded through to completion – and results justify the resource commitments being made.

Lean Six Sigma approaches help ensure efficiency and stakeholder buy-in, and dynamic Business Process Management (BPM) software delivers the results, with deployments often within 6-8 months. We encourage government IT organizations to consider applying this winning technology combination to their next IT project. Marrying Lean Six Sigma with dynamic BPM can ensure stakeholder engagement and real results – fast. Keep reading →

President Obama’s recent Executive Order: “Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service,” is an excellent call to action to Defense and Civilian agencies to leverage self-service technologies to cut costs while also improving efficiencies.

As consumers, we’ve embraced self-service in everything from getting money at the ATM versus a bank teller to using online software to help us complete our tax returns. These conveniences are made possible by intuitive business process applications, and they make our lives easier, they keep us more informed and they allow us to be in control. Keep reading →