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Manufacturers’ News, Inc. — Manufacturing employment in Pennsylvania declined in the past year, reports the 2015 Pennsylvania Manufacturers Register®, an industrial database and directory published by Manufacturers’ News, Inc. (MNI). According to data collected by MNI, Pennsylvania lost 6,330 manufacturing jobs, or nearly 1%, from July 2013 to July 2014, in contrast to the 1.4% national average gain reported by the Labor Department for the same time period.

Manufacturers’ News reports Pennsylvania is now home to 17,191 manufacturers employing 800,318 workers.

“High business costs and global competition have made it difficult for Pennsylvania manufacturers to climb back from the recession,” says Tom Dubin, President of Manufacturers’ News. “However, its educated workforce and investment in worker training programs continue to be a draw for new businesses, particularly those focused on technology and innovation.”

MNI reports Pennsylvania industrial employment has fallen 5.2% since July 2009, while government statistics reveal manufacturing employment in the U.S. climbed 3.4% during the same time period.

For the full report on Pennsylvania manufacturing, click here.

According to Manufacturers’ News, the food products industry accounted for about 20% of the state’s losses, with jobs in the sector down 1.1%. Food products currently accounts for 83,567 jobs, ranking it third in the state for industrial employment. Additional losses were seen in printing/publishing, down 4.6%, and primary metals, down 2.3%.

Manufacturing companies in Philadelphia employ 41,238 workers, with jobs down 3% over the survey period. Employment declined 4% in Erie and increased 2.4% in Lancaster.

Detailed profiles of all Pennsylvania manufacturers can be found in the 2015 Pennsylvania Manufacturers Register® available in print or online. Established in 1912, Manufacturers’ News, Inc. is the nation’s oldest and largest publisher of industrial information. MNI offers a variety of tailored solutions to help customers connect with 430,000 manufacturers and suppliers, from print directories to online subscriptions. MNI’s industrial database subscription service EZ Select allows users to tap into a live interactive database of manufacturers, while its industrial search engine IndustryNet connects buyers and suppliers and allows users to view profiles and obtain competitive quotes. MNI’s traditional print directories are published for each state and include in-depth profiles of every manufacturer in the U.S. For more information, contact Manufacturers’ News, Inc. 847-864-7000. http://www.manufacturersnews.com


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