The Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) released a second “Myth-Busting” memo Monday addressing misconceptions about acquisition processes.

In the memo, Acting Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy Lesley A. Field states that federal agencies have taken significant additional steps to improve communications between federal agencies and the vendor community since the first “Myth-Busting” memo was released last year. OFPP has issued the second memorandum to continue that process.

“Early, frequent, and constructive engagement with industry leads to better acquisition outcomes, which is why it is one of the key tenets of the Office of Management and Budget’s 25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal IT Management,” Field states in the memo released Monday. “Such engagement is especially important for complex, high-risk procurements, including (but not limited to) those for large information technology (IT) projects.”

While misconceptions on the part of federal agencies were the topic in the previous memo, Monday’s release addresses potential misconceptions in the vendor community.

The memo provides information and strategies for both agencies and vendors to promote more effective communication during the acquisition process.