Verizon is teaming up with a Vienna, Va., provider of government-grade encrypted voice-calling software to deliver secure mobile calling capabilities to the U.S. government.

In what Verizon described as a collaborative strategic agreement with Cellcrypt, the two companies expect to release a jointly marketed mobile voice-encryption solution this fall designed to meet the needs of military, intelligence and civilian agencies.

The service–which has yet to be named–will help government information technology departments manage the expanding use of mobile devices, address the potential risks associated with the interception of sensitive voice communications, and provide a powerful tool to combat cyberattacks on critical national infrastructure,” according to an announcement recently jointly by the two firms.

Officials said the joint Verizon and Cellcrypt service will be supported on smartphones and tablets running Android, BlackBerry and Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems and will work across cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite networks.

The service will take advantage of Cellcrypt Mobile, a product which uses NSA Suite B cryptography. The encryption method meets federal government’s federal information processing standard 140-2, created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for cryptographic hardware and software. A version of Cellcrypt Mobile is in UK Government CESG CAPS Evaluation.

“The threats posed by cyberattacks are real and increasingly focused on U.S. national security interests,” said Janet Schijns, vice president of vertical solutions, Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

“As a matter of national security, military and government personnel must be able to communicate sensitive information over their mobile phones, and it is imperative that these conversations be protected from interception,” said Kathleen Peters, Cellcrypt’s general manager of the Americas and vice president of business development.