The U.S. Marine Corps is best known for looking for a few good men.

But they are also looking to ensure those men adhere to a few good principles when it comes to using social media.

In its just-released handbook, “The Social Corps” provides a series of principles “to empower Marines to participate with our social media community.”

“The Marine Corps must continuously innovate to communicate in media-intensive environments,” the handbook declares, reflecting a tone that not only wants to encourage social media use, but the disciplines to use social media to advantage.

“Marines are encouraged to responsibly engage in unofficial Internet posting about the Marine Corps and Marine Corps-related topics,” the handbook states, suggesting “you are often in the best position to share the Marine Corps story with people we rely on for mission success.”

But the handbook also goes into depth on a wide range of topics, from what should be discussed online, the use of the Marine Corps’ coat of arms and other emblems, and what constitutes professional behavior.

It also provides guidelines for setting official social media sites, understanding privacy practices as well how to measure media sites for effectiveness.

Another chapter details how to maintain operations security and dealing in crisis situations.